Basic Disputing Course

A Comprehensive 3 Hour Course on Credit Repair Disputing, taught by a Credit Repair Industry Veteran who has Processed Over 23,000+ clients! | taught by Corey Gray

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Basic Disputing Certification

A comprehensive 3 hour course on Credit Repair Disputing, taught by a credit repair industry veteran who has processed over 23,000+ clients. 

Confused about the fundamentals behind the basic dispute process? 

You're not alone. Here at Credit Repair Cloud, we receive countless requests for training to explain which dispute letters to use and why. So we thought to ourselves, how can we help YOU get quicker wins for your clients? That's when we realized, we needed to create a course to answer all of these questions. Moreover, we needed to really simplify it! To do this, we needed an industry veteran with deep experience to simplify the process and make it easy. 

We found just the right person to make this happen. We brought in the BIG guns - Corey Gray, an industry veteran with over two decades of experience. Corey sold his company a few years ago after processing over 23,000 clients. 

We asked Corey, could you share your experience and teach our Credit Heroes everything they need to fully understand credit, credit reports and the basic disputing process so it’s easily understood and actionable? And to our excitement, he said YES! He said he'd be thrilled to share what he'd learned with over 20 years in the industry.

So Corey spent some time creating an awesome 3 hour course called Basic Disputing.

Here's why you'll want this course:

  • Learn an easily repeatable process to dispute your client's credit report items and get your clients quick wins!
  • Learn essential credit repair knowledge to feel confident when disputing & when communicating with your clients!
  • Enroll your team members so you can delegate the disputing process to them & educate them on the essential credit repair knowledge!
  • Gain a new comprehensive perspective on the history of credit reporting and wow your clients after absorbing this expert insight!
  • Understand what letter to use, why you use it and when to use it for the first 8+ rounds of credit repair!

Here's what you'll get: 

  • 6-Module Basic Disputing Video Course & Certification Certificate: Includes hours of information-packed video content with interactive quizzes ($197) 
  • Basic Dispute Flowchart: detailed flowchart that will help you visually understand the first 8 rounds of credit repair using Coreys Top 10 Letters and Basic Dispute Process ($197)
  • Credit Time Clock: Detailed poster that can be printed and hung on your wall to give you access to how long specific items can remain on your credit reports ($197)
  • Debt Time Clock: Detailed chart that lists the maximum time parties can initiate legal proceedings on defaulted accounts and gives you the statute of limitations based on state and contract type ($197)
  • Top 10 Letters Booklet: A handy booklet that has all of Corey’s Top 10 Letters ($49)
  • Top 10 Letter Templates: Editable and printable templates of Corey’s Top 10 Dispute Letters that can be used out-of-the-box ($97)
  • Basic Disputing Course Workbook: A easy-to-read version of the disputing course with top 10 letters and more ($97)
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (F.C.R.A): The full text of the FCRA ($9)
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act  (F.D.C.P.A.): The full text of the FDCPA ($9)

Total Value: $1,049

Your Price:  ̶$̶1̶,̶0̶4̶9̶ ̶ $29

Our Money Back Guarantee
We are so certain that you will love this course, that we guarantee it. If you don’t feel you’ve received tremendous value from this course, just let us know within 30 days. We will refund you 100% in full (and you can keep the certificate).

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Reviews (16)  

It was perfect. Easy to follow and understand. Awesome!

Patricia Giraldo  

I am new to the credit repair industry. I value every bit of knowledge I receive from CRC; therefore, to me, in my opinion, this course was perfect. No need to improve it!

Heriberto Mendes  

I feel all the information was easy to understand plus the bonus materials to follow along are a great addition.was perfect. Easy to follow and understand.

Alejandro Martinez  

Thanks Corey I appreciate your course and the clarity with which you taught it. You removed so much confusion on my part and I believe this is exactly what I needed to encourage me to continue helping my clients with as much knowledge and expertise as I can.  I look forward to more courses and love that I can place badges on my social media to show certifications!

Wayne Grimmett  

I really appreciate you taking the time out to make this awesome course for people like me. 

Tiffany Shaw  

It was perfect. I look forward to his future courses.!

Randy Wolpin  

Great training!

Angel Lowe  

Great job! I'll take any course that you offer!

Tyree Searcy  

Thanks so much for building this course.  it was excellent!

Chris OConnell  

It is amazing!

Quantina Jefferson  

This is an amazing course and will benefit everyone using CRC and others.

Rick Martin Del Campo  

Awesome Training!

Eric Janson  

Thank you for taking the time to conduct this was amazing. I think I am ready to stop procrastinating out of fear and just jump out there and take my first paid customers. Now just have to figure pricing. Thanks again.

TaJuana Dandridge  

Great training!  Thank you so much!

Kelly Armstrong  

The training was very informative and went over all the basics for disputing.

Zack Boose  

It was amazing!

Ashley Johnson  

Corey Gray
Corey Gray
Your Instructor

Corey Gray has over two decades of entrepreneurial credit repair experience. As a industry trailblazer and serial entrepreneur, he started his first credit repair company in the late 90's and has built, sold and influenced many other credit repair businesses since.

Course Curriculum

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Welcome to the Basic Disputing Course - A Message From Your Instructor Corey Gray
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Lesson 1 - Credit Basics
Lesson 1 - Credit Basics
Lesson 1 - Text
Lesson 1 - Quiz
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Lesson 2 - Common Credit Issues
Lesson 2 - Common Credit Issues
Lesson 2 - Text
Lesson 2 - Quiz
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Lesson 3 - Using Laws to Repair Credit
Lesson 3 - Using Laws to Repair Credit
Lesson 3 - Text
Lesson 3 - Quiz
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Lesson 4 - Basic Credit Repair Strategies
Lesson 4 - Basic Credit Repair Strategies
Lesson 4 - Text
Lesson 4 - Quiz
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Lesson 5 - Sending Your 1st Letters
Lesson 5 - Sending Your 1st Dispute Letters
Lesson 5 - Text
Lesson 5 - Quiz
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Lesson 6 - Beyond Round 1
Lesson 6 - Beyond Round 1
Lesson 6 - Text
Final Exam
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Reviews (268)


by matthew brian abney
such great info good to know and remind clients of how important knowing what is in your report


by Marquita Williams
I'm not all the way done with the challenge yet but so far so good. It is filled with a lot of information and all the tools you need to be successful. Definitely worth it.

Basc Disputing

by Gina Rice
I thought he information ws very informative,easy to follow and understanding. I know more now then when I did the 14 Day Challenge.
Read more


by matthew brian abney
such great info good to know and remind clients of how important knowing what is in your report


by Marquita Williams
I'm not all the way done with the challenge yet but so far so good. It is filled with a lot of information and all the tools you need to be successful. Definitely worth it.

Basc Disputing

by Gina Rice
I thought he information ws very informative,easy to follow and understanding. I know more now then when I did the 14 Day Challenge.

by Kristi Johnson


by barry epstein

Basic Disputing

by Lisa Hogue-Morrow

Basic Disputing

by Crystal Mack
I enjoyed Corey sharing his story. I especially appreciate the bonus resources provided to me to better understand the processes of disputing items.

by Lillian Davis

by Linda Dinka

Disputing is important because all of the creditors make a lot of mistakes

by Macius Jean

This course is very informative, clear, the instructor presents the concepts of credit repair in a very clever manner, the FCRA and FDCPA contitute the foundation of the credit repair business, the top ten letters are very helpful. Finnally the entire course is very intructive.

by Jean Berrette
The FCRA, FDCPA, Basic dispute process, Credit time clock, fair Debt collection limitation of statutes.

Basic dispute

by Tonia Green


by frantz francois

by Ruby Rivas


by Francisco Chavez
Excellent lesson

by Kyle Sexius

by Gary Boyd
good content!

credit repair cloud

by Albertha Johnson
trainer was good quiz was kind of tricky need to read the questions all the way through.

by Melissa Thompson

by Katerrica Robinson

by Destini Harkins

by Mercedes B Peguero


by Mark Quarles

incredibly helpful and useful information

by Simone Young
This is the best course ever. So thorough !!

Very good and smooth

by Eric AkersBey
I enjoyed the video very much it’s good to know someone with experience is helping me through this journey

Very Easy to understand

by Veronica Mosley
Loved it

by Roshelle Bailey Bailey
great information

by Dawud Muhammad Muhammad

by Delton Harper Jr Harper Jr

by Ama Gladden



by Matthew barksdale
easy read, informative

Lesson 1

by Portia Made-Jamison
There are a few grammatical errors, and one error in fact. The error in fact asserts that credit history accounts for 35% of one's credit profile when in fact it accounts for 15% as stated earlier in the same text document.

very satisfying

by Meshondria Spears

by Darryl Davis


by Susan Vanderburgh
There is material to download and use. Amazing!

by James Hames
It was in formative


by Mouqita Williams
i wish could print more of the information.

Good Fit

by Mary Cooper
I just completed my CCA course certification which was awesome, but I have to say so far this was the best part of anything I learned in the past 2 weeks. Corey is a great teacher and really conveys his knowledge and industry experience well. He is not gimicky and is really educating and not just selling me something. Thank you Corey!!!!

by scarlet Castillo

Very good

by James Stewart
Good information

Loved this Section

by Kerri Pippen
I gave this course 5 stars because anything you do not understand is a new credit repair agent is easily explained and you can send out your first round of letters immediately. Also, it was easy to understand.

by Harsimrat Sandhu

A Bit Of A Joke

by Richard DeBusk
Really? Come on, you can do better then this.

Not successful

by Carol Hall
Download doesn’t work

Basic disputing

by Harvinder Singh
It is new to me and great information to start credit repair business


by Bernadette Snell

by Thalia Powell

by Abdul Ali

by Juan Luengas

Basic Disputing

by Ronald Williams
Great clarity

Great Course

by donnelle chandler
This course was very informative and engaging through out the presentation.

Basic Disputing

by Samone Simmons
This training has given me the confidence to move right into reaping credit TONIGHT! I’m ready to get to work.

by mayory calvo

by sonya wright-strong

Very Good!!!!

by Kiara Massey
The price is just right with good information.

by Ernie Ramos

by Carl bruce

by Renee Sharp

by George Satoafaiga
Best course ever


by Monica Mitchell
all basics was covered and well done! the tools provided to build a credit repair business is outstanding; from dispute letter examples to posters and timelines. all of this information is pertinent to being successful! thank you credit hero

The title could best be labeled "Introduction to Disputing." But this is great since it addresses the fundamentals of Disputing

by Elliott Sibanda
The credit repair business is easy to start with little to no upfront expenses. One can start this business from home, even part-time. If the passion to help people is there and a desire to build a credit repair empire is present, this is a great business model. The CreditRepairCloud software makes this business amazing. I am all in!

Very good knowledge

by Bryce Gordon

by RaQuel Allen

Amazing first exam

by Yoselin D'losAngeles Briceno

by Lori Adams

I was hoping to learn something that I didn’t already know. It was not helpful

by moryssa Taylor

by Quentrisa Saulsberry

Basic disputing

This couldn't be more simple. I appreciate the breakdown and understanding of understanding credit and how it effects your life decisions.

by Marnet Canady

by LaShundria Leggs Leggs

Great Lesson!!

by Rogers Vincent The 2nd
Love the full insight of this course!! I really appreciated this knowledge !!!!

by Andrey Torrence

by Mary G. Ellison


Easy to follos

by Shakira Moran
This course makes understanding credit easy.

Basic Disputing

by Joy Edwards
Great Course!


by Dennis Condon Condon
Excited to get started!

by Jodi Rupert

Basic disputing

by Ken Johnson
Lots of good and valuable information. This lesson opened my eyes to what to look for and how to recognize errors.

by LaVon Stroud

Awesome Course!

by Eldon Peterson


by Roman Odom
simple text and very informative


by Marrietta Brown

It was broke down in detail of what needed to be done.

by Jonas Scott
It was a lot of information but great and help information to learn about what impacts our scores and what to do to fix it.

Basic Disputing

by Leah Tolliver
The Basic Disputing Course truly gave me full clarification regarding the dispute process. I will utilize all of the tools given in order to be successful in assisting others with their credit repair issues

Basic Disputing

by Aden Abebe
wow good information

by Jackie martinez
Great basic credit repair training. Is there an intermediate and advance training that Credit Repair offers?

Credit Dispute

by Teachelle Warren
It was very knowledge

Basic Disputing Course

by Sharyn Paige
It gets stuck sometimes and it's hard to resume.

The Beginning a journey

by Albert Alimboyoguen
These video training classes are a great training like sitting in a virtual class in the comfort of your own home, Starting from the beginning with no background in the business. sincerely excited to see what happens next, like going on a hiking adventure wondering what I'm going to see next.

by Marquitta Williams
It was very informative and I learned a lot that I didn't know

by Jennifer Eleutice

Very insightful

by Tommy Curry
Very informative

by Joe Miranda

by Donald Harrell
Great. Very informative.

by Lasha Cox

by Brittany Fortson
Although I am behind in my credit repair classes, the zip file that included everything was a life saver! Excited

Great And Easy to Learn Course

by Johnny Varela
Very easy to understand and in the simplest way. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to start a credit repair business. Helps you get pass the where do I start phase.

Credit Repair Cloud Basic Disputing

by Agbora Naanee
Help people repair their credit by removing wrongly or incorrect reporting in the credit record.

by Shirley Sanderfer

Basic Disputing

by natasha cook
Extremely condensed w/ knowledge!

Great Description

by Gene Wren
Well done

by Tecole Turner
Very informative, true gems dropped. Things i was sort of aware of but were explained in better detail. A little boring though, lengthy.

by Patricia Barker Barker

by Harolyn Williams


by Johnette Duvauchelle Duvauchelle
Very Informational


by Calistia Nanton-Jackson
Very clear and concise tons of information presented in an easy to follow manner


by Foley Laifa
Clear and concise.


by Christian Ruiz
Great course and learning tool on basic disputes!!

Basic Disputing

by Lacquesha Johnson
Very great lesson! Very informative! Easy to understand!

by Howard Burnside

by Alma Bracamonte

very easy to follow

easily explain, easy to follow, easy to understand

Basic Disputing

by Elsa Martinez
This is an exceptional course, it's very educational and informative. I enjoyed and learned a lot. Rating this course 5 stars!!! Thank you!

by Dieudonne Lorgeat

by Maitte Betancourt

great questions, teach you what to focus on, to keep a good credit score.

by Betty Williams
Basic disputing was helpful

by Arthur Jupiter

Great beginning to credit

by Kevin Kern
Very informative

by Teresie Castano

by Falicia Newsome

by Frederick Taylor

by Victoria Gonder

by oliver mitchell

Basic Disputing-

by Lee Lancaster
The course is very concise, easy to understand and presented well. The instructional video's help ground the information presented in the text. The exams cover the information in each section to measure basic understanding and mastery of the material. Before beginning this Basic Disputing course, I was thinking.... "where do I begin?" I now have the answer to that!!! Excellent!!

by Denson Taylor Taylor

Basic Disputing

by Paula Brooks
The course was EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT 100%

by Deinell Francis
This was AMAZING!!!!


by wilson Myrtil

Basic dispute

by Willie Ingram
Great corse to get you warmed up

by Josue Roman Ortiz

Basic Disputing

by Kenji Gleason
i received 100% on this part.

basic repair strategies

by Krista Walker
Very clear, concise, complete and with clarity

by Leronda Fox

by Gina Berlin

by Gina Melvin


by Ronetta Braggs
This course is wonderful. I have some credit knowledge but this will make me feel more comfortable and knowledgeable when counseling clients.

by Eugene Martin


by Alan Friday
This course gave me good understanting of the subject matter.

by Ari B

by Vanessa Bernard
Great course! It was very informative!

by Kn Williams

by Sharmae Jenkins-Fulton

by Tonya Brown
Basically I learne.d a lots of things it was very helpful an very interesting

Using Law to repair credit

by Kim Joy

by Rondrigus Elijah

Boss Up Your Credit!

by Marrio Nowden
This is an amazing straight to the point course!

by Belinda Barker


by John Skelton


by LaNae Robinson
The course was very informative.

Basic Disputing

by Ernie Flores
Straight and to the point. Very easy to follow along... I like the use of real life scenarios.

by Nereida Baez

by Sherryl Scott

Basic Disputing

by Maritza Andrade
It was very informative. who knew that it could take many tried to fix credit info.

The Basic Disputing Course

by LaToyah Beathea El
The information in the course is direct and concise. Quiz questions are relevant.

by douglas wilponen

nothing new learned

by James Axelson
good basics previous video was same as video just viewed..learned nothing new.

by Countess Lawrence

by Kimberly R. Smith

by Jeffrey Shane

by Michelle Caraballo

by Iveliz Lewis

Basic disputes

by Christian Rice
Deep information...

Another Great Block of Instruction!!

by James D Scurry
Another clear concise block of instruction I thought was Great...Outstandingly presented !!

by Thomas Morris

Basic Disputing 20200511

by Kenneth Washington
Good amount of context that is not too overly technical. Used good examples to to paint a vivid picture the mind's eye and clarity to the meaning/intent.

Great info!

by Gabrielle Gibson
This course is a great start for anyone wanting to learn about credit repair.

Course Rating

by Ethan Briedwell
You are very knowledgeable when it comes to credit. I really appreciated the lesson.

Good class

by Ellie Cornéy
Information Wish shared a bit more than generic. Basics found online

by Jazmine Allen

by La’Tonya G. Hawkins G. Hawkins
Excellent using audio, visual, reinforcement by reading and quizzing. Pure Genius

by Benny Hobbs

Basic Disputing

by Theron Reynolds
I though techniques were very helpful and insightful. They were clear and to the point. So far my mind is starting to see things clearly about the process of getting items removed of your credit. I'm truly looking forward to learning even more about credit repair and I feel that this is the right step and direction I need to take in order to be successful!!

by pamela Williams


CONTENT-- Comprehensive PRESENTATION-- VIDEO - Excellent TEXT - Excellent

by Santosha Gillard

Basic Disputing makes sense for it to be the title

by Tracey Lynn Allen
Having the text to review after the presentation really help me to understand great notes to refer back to.

by Nicole Bennett

Very Informative and Interesting

by Letitia Harris
Material was very easy to understand and comprehend. Very impressed with the simplicity of this lesson

Credit History

by DeVon Morris
I learned somethings I didn't know know about credit. Great Start off

by Tiffany Brown

by LaTeaba Cummings
Excellent course

Excellent Review

by Jonathan Torres
Very Good Basics. Informative on states.

by Travis Jackson

Basic Disputing

by Sigurd Greene
Great class!

Basic Credit Dispute

by Alex Asencio
Basic Dispute talks about ones' responsibilty w/ debt, debt amount, different debts; old debts are better with good payment hostory. Negative effects of non payment or late payment and too much debt along with error in names and close accounts. Positive effects are on time payment, revolving credit, low balance and inquiries and Piggy Back may be positve or negative when you add a user. Any errors, old info and mix or fraud info can be removed.

by Lesley Tyson

Basic Disputing

by Lisa Baldwin
This session was clear and concise. I was able to follow a printed credit report along with the trainer. I'm loving this so far!

by Jerome Johnson


by LaShandra Butler
Very educational. This lesson was clear and to the point. I feel confident in knowing all I need to know about credit from this short lesson.


by James D'Amour
Great hearing him .lots of wisdom there

by Venita D. Zeigler

by Robenson Selon
great info



by Gerald Youmans

Course 1

by John Williams Jr
Very informative


by Senesi Ernst

Awesome Course

by Michelle McGirt
Very easy to understand, clear and concise information.

I love the Title, its just what it says.

by Debra Martin
I loved it, it was very informative, I learned things that I didn't know. I'm so grateful to have learned this information.

by Kerry Lockett

It’s okay

by Fredrick Black
The class is easy to understand

AWESOME basic dispute videos

by Outlaw Credit Agency Outlaw
I REALLY love the narrative of these videos. they give so much impactful detailed information!

by Ángel Lavergne

Statute of Limitations of Debt Collection

by C Saint Lewis
This needs to be enlarged and go to several pages because 100% is still too small. I print out everything rather than have to go back to the saved file on my computer and it is unreadable in its current form. So far, this is my only suggestion. This is the one thing I need the most and is mentioned in Lesson #3 also. Please enlarge and make it available asap


by Evengeline Billingslea
The text is awesome, very detailed that elementary children can understand. The information is well broken down. This is what I've been looking for in order to learn where to begin in the credit dispute process. Thank you.


by carmen nazario


by Cheryl Jordan

Basic Disputing Letters

by Shirley Foulks
There are 4 beginning letters to use at the start of disputing the Credit Bureau and 6 to use when disputing the Furnishers. Some are similar between letter for the Bureau vs the Furnisher. To force the dispute when one or the other if not both are being stubborn...other letters in the name of 'complaints' can be sent to the CFPD, BBB,FTC or the State Attorney General.

by Sonya Brown

Great Course

by Joy Oliver
I like the way this course was put together. It's easy to understand and give a great overview of the process. The downloads are helpful too.

by Henry D Mack Jr

by Louis Jones

The Basic Dispute Course was all that and then some!

by Evette Resurgent
Wow! This was extremely necessary for me as a newbie. The course is a step by step outline on basic disputing. I feel so empowered now. I GOT THIS THANK YOU DANIEL ROSEN AND COREY GRAY


by Tomica Dyer
I love the informal details shared and the discussion covering the term Piggy Back, I have never heard of this before... I am a fan of knowledge.

Lesson #3

by Brian Ronk
Lesson #3 chart on how to determine statute of limitations has 'promissory' listed twice. One in place of 'contract'. You may want to correct this.


by Anna Redding
I’m learning step by step how to be successful in my business.

Good information.

by Eric Nkurmah Kennedy
Bonus information PDF's need to be done in a page format, making it easy to print. at this time the PDf's are in poster format. one continuous page.

by Janelle Hicks

by Raul Alexander
good stuff you guys are awesome :)


by Milka Dulcine
I'm so blessed to be part of the challenge and be able to get all the gold information given in every single course and class. Thank you!


by Ariel Martinez

What I've been looking for

by Jett Allred
Although I've helped many clients with credit repair for years I want to learn all I can from anyone, everyone that has put their thumbprint on the industry and with this new software and new laws I was experiencing anxiety and fear of "what if" and that actually caused me to not excell as I know I can and will. Also, I am living in a rural area for which there simply isn't the options that a larger city municipality offer with this type of business so, I am in the process of moving to Waco Texas which continues to experience a growth explosion and I have already stopped by a few businesses to introduce myself and they were very receptive once I actually showed them what and how I do credit repair. So, I'm really thankful for this group and the teachers sharing their knowledge and I look forward to learning all I can so I can actually move my business forward to not just giving it away but earning a great living doing so with something I am so passionate about! Jett

Great beginnings

by Tina Jackson
Well explained

by Cedric Sween

Basis Disputing

by Karen johnson
This course was very informative. This course gave me more confidence in getting the job done...

by Gregory D. Cochrane
It is outstanding to have the basic dispute letters in an understandable format to rationalize this process of basic disputing


by chlyce boneparte
Didn't learn much I could've googled


by Gardner Robinson


by Demario Smith
love, love loveee it

A Very Practical Beginner Credit Repair Course

by Burton Langille
The course is comprehensive, very clear and the instructor is an excellent teacher.

by Annmarie Deer
i am taking the first quiz and i enter all the Letters correctly and kept getting messages that my answer is incorrect

Lesson 6 Beyond!

by Douglas Mounce
I like that you have us read the text after the video. It helps us to learn the information better. Thanks


by Thomas Gist
This course is fabulous, I would recommend it to anyone.

by Jacqueline Thomas


by Michelle Dehaven

by Brenda Boyd

by Pauletter R Williams
Great presentation

by Trina Stallsworth

by Tamara Torro
Easy to follow and remember

by Michael Turner

by Ron Bowser
Everything was explained as clear &I understood it all

by Florence Allman
Great information! Thank you.


by Tara Winston
This seems easy enough to do and I love, love, love helping people improve their quality of life. After horrible experiences in my own life where ignorance was my arch nemesis, I vowed that I would do all I can to help others not go through what I did. Thank you Corey. I'm so pumped right now.


by maisha davison

corey taught this so great

by Stephen Gousby

Basic Disputing

by Eugene W. Riggs
It was very detailed and infromative. Feel closer to opening my own businees but still need more training

What is Credit

by Karen Mitchell
Good information to know what credit is and how it affects your life.

crushed it

by Marquarius Rhodes

Helpful information

by Khadijah Collins
Loved this course . Very informative !!!!


by Milburn Simmons

ready to build my empire

by Veronica Valdez Gonzalez

by Jody Jones

by Nicole Alston


by Kevin Henson
Taking this class made me feel like a real expert > now I know what I'm doing

gives me hope

by Taylor Scales
i feel like i can run my credit repair business way better after taking this

by Teeiea Hughes
Simple and straight forward

I like it.

by Nykisia LeBlanc
Great information and I like the quiz. Sweet and simple

1st session in

by Pro Finance
This is really good training so far!

Best Ever

by roderick williams

The course was excellent.

by Burnette Hughes
Loved it, corey nailed it! What an amazing teacher!

10 stars!

beyond educational


by Veronica Hudson

Excellent Course!

by Wayne Grimmett
I'm loving the info! Thanks Credit Repair Cloud!!!

Corey's knowledge and experience are beyond words!

by NA NA
I was blown away by the depth of information, I feel like im ready to move mountains.

Extremely Educational!

by Isaac Espino
I have never anything like this! The deep knowledge and extraordinary teaching skills in this lesson are incredible. I feel like an expert already!